The Rams
All of my sheep are registered with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.  This is the only official registry in
North America for Icelandic sheep. Their pedigrees can be viewed at:
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation
ACW SPT RAM 29U  Ragnar is a spotted moorit ram, the son of a lovely badgerface ewe from Susan Brigg's flock {SRX B3P EWE 272M)  
and a spotted moorit ram bred by Alan & Valerie Olness. ( OLNESS RAM 03SH 4T )
His mom has been used as a milking ewe and has an incredible udder.  He is a beautiful wide long boy who is the sire of all of my 2009 lambs.  
Some of his 2009 offspring are now for sale. Ragnar placed first in his class at the Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival in June, 2009.
LVR AI RAM B5PS 91W  Galdur is a solid black spotted AI ram, born 4-11-09.  His sire is MORI 02935 and on his dams side his grandmother  
is SOLON 01899.  Quite an impressive pedigree, and his looks match his papers.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing his first lambs this
Galdur,  Sept. 2009, 5 mos. old